Institute of islamic studies

There is an urgent need to teach the future islamic scholars (Ulema) in Europe and especially in Germany. This institute is being established to fill this need, allowing young future scholars to attain authentic knowledge of islam, while pursuing a university level education in islamic studies.

Islamic school for kids

Many parents would like to send their kids to a school where they can get islamic education while learning the modern subjects like Maths, Sciences and Technology. A school combining the best of both will be the best solution. Although such schools are long established in the UK, none of such schools is known to exist in Germany. Our Islamic school project is trying to achieve exactly this.

International Islamic Schools

A number of excellent islamic schools (Madrassas) are operating worldwide in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and rest of the islamic world. Based on a merit, we carefully identify and support such schools.

Publication of Islamic works in German

A large body of Islamic knowledge is available in traditional languages like Arabic, Persian and Urdu. To make these works of great Islamic scholars available to European readers, we have setup a team to translate them into languages like German.

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May Allah SWT Accept your donations.