Jamia Hussainia, Ali Pur

Jamia Hussania is situated in a rural area of Punjab namely Alipur, district Muzaffar Garh, and is known for spreading knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence widely amongst Muslims.

The Jamia engages in the teaching, preaching and preservation of Islamic sciences (i.e. Quran, Hadith, the doctrines of Sunnat & Jama’at and Hanafid jurisprudence). The Jamia was founded by Mujahid Khatm-e-Nabowwat Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Sahib & Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Al-Hussaini in October, 1997.

Over 900 students attend the Jamia as boarding or full day school for Islamic education. Among them 650 are boarders, while 250 live with their families and visit the Jamia daily. In addition to clean/cold drinking water, all kids get a breakfast and 2 full meals a day. Orphan, sick or needy students are offered additional help.
Monthly (Ongoing)
0.9 million PKR (~ € 3,750)
Contribution by Nur-ul-Ilm
€ 937.50 (~ 25% of monthly expenses)
Ongoing starting September 2022 onwards
We are thankful to Allah SWT that He has enabled us to get help from Nur-ul-Ilm. Most of our students come from families who cannot afford much. We need ongoing financial support so we can provide meals and boarding to the kids. The financial aid will also help us to pay the teachers and maintain our building(s).

May Allah SWT Accept your donations and Bless you with its jazaa.

(Maulana) Muhammad Ajwad, Principal